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Download software

On this page, the following software can be downloaded free of charge:

Database collection registration
In order to promote sound registration of especially reptiles kept by private keepers, I have created the following database. It runs under Microsoft Access (required!). In case you have troubles downloading the file below, please let me know. The database is secured and the lay-out cannot be adjusted. Since I do not have the time anymore to develop and improve it, an insecure version (MS Access 2000 as ZIP only) can also be downloaded here. I would like to invite enthusiasts to improve it and to offer it (free of charge!) on the internet. Please also let me know by e-mail if a new version has become available.
In case you would like to get an impression of (a previous version of the current) the database first, you can take the tour.
Download database for MS Access 97 (version 8.0) from this site Download database for MS Access 97 (version 8.0) from mirror site (in case you have problems downloading)
Download database for MS Access 2000 from this site
Download database for MS Access 2000 from mirror site (in case you have problems downloading)
The database features tools to registrate and/or link all kinds of information (growth, breeding et cetera) per specimen, thus optimising possibilities for managing (and eventually sharing!) this information.
Furthermore, a sound registration of specimens and information about ancestors can be considered important in order to be able to form (genetically) healthy captive populations. This is important as future offspring of many reptile species may play a role in future introduction projects.

Excel97/00 hatching date calculator
This very simple spreadsheet can be used to calculate the potential hatching date of reptile eggs, based on earlier observations. The spreadsheet also calculates the average incubation period, standard deviation, maximum and minimum incubation periods and the number of hatching obervations. Different species can be entered in one copy of the spreadsheet. Originally the file was created as an easy-to-use tool to determine if eggs potientially could hatch during holidays. It can be downloaded here (295 Kb; save link by clicking the right mouse button and open the file in Excel97 or 2000). A brief 'about' is present in the file.

Please let me know in case you need any help.

Pocket PC theme Homopus Research Foundation
I have created a theme that I use on my Cassiopeia M-200 myself. I do not know if it will look the same on other pocket pc devices, but I suppose it will, as long as it runs Pocket PC 2002 and has a screen of 240 x 320 pixels. You can download it here (save to desktop and copy and paste to Windows directory on PPC).