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Some brief information about captive maintenance and breeding is presented below (by courtesy of Manfred Schmalz), as well as data on growth.

Additional husbandry information per studbook location can be found in the annual reports, starting in the report of 2000. Eva Knon maintains a very good site on Pyxis arachnoides in German. Additional good and detailed information in German on P. arachnoides and P. planicauda, and in Dutch on P. a. arachnoides is present here. A brief Dutch recommendation for keeping of Pyxis arachnoides in captivity is available too.

Pyxis a. arachnoides mating
Hatchling P. a. oblonga
Hatchling Pyxis arachnoides oblonga

Adult Pyxis a. arachnoides

Three subspecies of Pyxis arachnoides are distinguished:
Pyxis a. arachnoides
  • Uniformely yellow plastron
  • Anterior hinge in plastron
P. a. oblonga
  • Plastron with black spots
  • Anterior hinge in plastron
P. a. brygooi
  • Uniformely yellow plastron
  • No hinge in the plastron

The areas of distribution of the subspecies and climatic conditions in Tulear are shown in the figures below.


All three subspecies of P. arachnoides are kept and bred successfully within the Studbook Breeding Programme Pyxis arachnoides. A general caring scheme for P. arachnoides can be found below.